Steingraeber Grand Piano


Model: Semi Concert Grand D-232


The designs of the Steingraeber grand pianos are based upon more than 150 years of experience. At the same time, they include the most recent updates and represent an even stronger commitment to an ideal transparent sound, fullness and richness of overtones, and the greatest possible degree of adaptability. The Clerkenwell Musical Series 2018 Steingraeber Piano is the Semi Concert Grand D-232 – a classic grand piano for professionals, universities and mid-sized halls. The new capo d’astro bar is conducive to an especially singing tone and enriching the softest pppp to the most energetic ffff; covering 46 notes, this capo d’astro bar is the only one of its kind worldwide.

These instruments, whose historical factory is in Bayreuth, Germany, were used and cherished by musicians such as Franz Liszt and Richard Wagner. We are proudly aware that the artists participating in the Clerkenwell International Music Series have at their disposal one of the best hand-crafted grand pianos worldwide.

Doug Chapman

Piano technician of the Clerkenwell International Music Series