American DreamsBeethoven, Chopin, Gershwin

American Dreams
Beethoven, Chopin, Gershwin

In his exciting new programme, Viv McLean is juxtaposing Gershwin’s Rhapsody to compositions by Beethoven and Chopin. As Gershwin’s music strikingly combines and assimilates different styles, the listener will be able to discover how thin the demarcation between...

French PicturesDebussy, Franck, Ravel

French Pictures
Debussy, Franck, Ravel

The French pianist Vincent Larderet chooses a magnificent French programme featuring Debussy’s first volume of the Preludes, the Prelude, choral et fugue by Franck and Ravel’s Gaspard de la nuit. With this music all kinds of illusions can be magicked. Join the...

A Schumann EveningSchumann, Prokofiev

A Schumann Evening
Schumann, Prokofiev

Join five exceptional musicians for an evening at Schumann’s house (with excursions outside - Prokofiev’s sonata was written in France in 1932). This is chamber music tradition at its highest: music played at home among friends for the pleasure of...

Czech Idyllic PathsChopin, Janacek, Slavicky

Czech Idyllic Paths
Chopin, Janacek, Slavicky

Be prepared to immerse yourself in the idyllic, elegiac images of an Overgrown Path by Czech Janacek and subsequently awaken by the electrifying, energetic vibes of Slavicky. Last but not least, discover the subtle ramifications between Polish (Chopin) and Czech...

Brahms’s Inconsolable LongingBrahms

Brahms’s Inconsolable Longing


Here is a programme featuring some of the best pages ever written for violin, horn, viola, and piano. The Romantic tones of Ofer Falk’s violin (and viola!) are supremely combined with the dark, warm timbre of Tanya Nisonen’s French horn and Ivo Varbanov’s...

The Poet SpeaksA Chopin Evening

The Poet Speaks

A Chopin Evening

Programme: Ballade Op. 47 Nocturne Op. 27 nr. 1 Sonata No 2 Op. 35 Interval Valse Op. posth. (op. 69/1) Scherzo Op. 31 4 Mazurkas Op. 24 Polonaise Op. 53 The music of Chopin has been a constant of Ludmil Angelov’s performing career. During the 1987–88...