Come and enjoy the passionate outbursts of a truly Romantic programme featuring five emblematic composers: Schumann, Brahms, Chopin, Liszt, and Scriabin. A journey through the storytelling of Romantic souls dissimilar in their character, place, and time.



Antonio di Cristofano performs either as a soloist or with various ensembles. He appeared  as soloist with the Orchestra of the University of Milan, the strings of the Cantelli Orchestra of Milan, the Chamber Orchestra of Florence, the Symphony Orchestra of Lecce, the Magna Grecia Orchestra and the Sicily Symphony Orchestra, etc., with conductors including G. Taverna, F. A. Krager, O. Balan, M. Bosch. He has played in major European festivals in Italy, Romania, Spain, France, Belgium, Sweden, as well as in the USA, Mexico, Canada and Argentina. He is a Guest Professor at both the Xiamen Conservatory in China and the Summer Academy Orpheus in Vienna, while he is often invited to judge international piano competitions.

  1. R. Schumann, Arabesque op. 18
  2. J. Brahms, 4 Ballades op. 10
  3. F. Chopin, Polonaise op. 26 n. 1
  4. F. Liszt, Vallée d’Obermann
  5. A. Scriabin, Sonata Fantasie op. 19